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Metallapan is a Swedish software consulting and product development company with focus on clean code and minimal waste. Metallapan offers time saving apps – ”Visual Units Tracker” and ””, custom-built courses for teams with a strong focus on understanding by solving problems and consulting services in software development. Check out Fredrik Håård’s blog about software development and freelancing, give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Metallapan runs the projects ”Visual Units” and ”The Dog Friendly Guide”. The projects are both focusing on saving time and cut waste, geographical location, and visualising assets in interactive maps and in lists and reports.

The Dog Friendly Guide

”” ( and ”” ( in Swedish is a guide for dog owners to find the most dog friendly restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels. With curated content and available in English, German and Swedish, it’s the biggest dog friendly guide in Scandinavia with 8 K users, 16 K visits and 60 K visited info pages á month. The guide helps dog owners finding dog friendly places in their home town or while travelling. A quick search in the app and you get an overview of the dog friendly places on a map and a dog friendly list to explore. Everything you need to find the right place to go to with your pooch. 

Visual Units

Visual Units is both a fleet management solution for logistics providers and industry, and the brand name we use for consulting and mapping services. As Visual Units, we have delivered successful logistics optimization and tracking solutions since 2005. The fleet management system ”Visual Units Tracker” help internal logistics in manufacturing companies and municipalities to cut waste and using the mobile resources as smart as possible in the production.

Freelance Consulting

Metallapan is first an foremost a consultancy, offering software development on a contract basis. While Fredrik offers software development, tech leadership, and building sustainable platforms, Veronica focuses on product ownership, user experience and human-computer interaction, and community management.

Fredrik Håård

Freelance Software Developer

Developer, trainer, speaker, nomad, and the owner of Metallapan AB. With experience ranging from doing scripted manual testing of sales systems to being tech lead at government institutions and setting up start-up development teams from scratch, his most cherished skill is making himself redundant.


Veronica Håård

Product Designer, Elegant Themes

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 Lite mer kuriosa: Saturday @ 1:00pm


Fredrik has a long experience of teaching introductionary and (very) advanced topics, and presently we offer courses in the following topics:
  • Python for Developers
  • Advanced Python
  • Python for Data Scientists
  • Data Science Devops

Together with Northern Test Consulting, we can also offer Python for Testers and Devops for Testers, focused on providing those in test and QA roles the skills to automate and tests using Python, or the option to expand into operations and automation themselves.

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