New homepage, new URL for Bitsynchub

Written by fredrik

10 november, 2020


I give up.

I’ve used home-grown, half-baked, and ’standard’ static homepage/blog generators, but in the end, I don’t have the time to spend on updating packages in third party solutions, and I don’t have the time – and no longer really the interest – to maintain a platform of my own.

So, today I give up and move to, so I can hopefully just have my homepage stable and when I want to write a new blog post, I can do that without worrying if some tool I was using to generate the site is out of date (until I need to update plugins, or org2blog breaks…). Having stuff (like the Hugo generator) break for me has been a huge blocker getting new blog posts published, but I hope to pick up the pace again now.

With this change, the bitsynchub URL has changed to – for now at least. I’ve kept it up and running for a long while now, but no longer use it myself (since Bitbucket dropped Mercurial support, I just migrated to Github instead).

Hopefully the SSL warnings will shake themselves out Real Soon Now as WP refreshes from LetsEncrypt.

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