EuroPython impressions

Written by fredrik

14 juli, 2012

I had a blast at Europython – I made new friends, went to a couple of talks that gave me some ideas for the future, and my own talks seemed to go down well.

All in all, the EP2012 organization was great, the food was way beyond ’normal’ conference fare, and the venue was good – although finding a place to sit down during lunch was hard.

I would have liked some kind of feedback mechanism in place for the talks – had I known there would be none I’d have arranged one for my own talks and especially the training session I held. I also feel that the conference was a bit too long; perhaps it was not necessary to give me the opportunity to take the stage thrice? Overall, I felt that the quality of talks did not hold up for five days, and would have preferred a shorter but more consistently high quality program (even if some or all of my own sessions had been cut). By the end of the week, I was worn out and going to talks I’d been excited about before the conference almost became a chore. In addition, I attended no BoF:s, and I’m not sure if there were any; either there needs to be BoF:s or the information about them needs to be obvious enough that even I get it.

However, as I started out saying, EP2012 was a great conference overall, and I will definitely go again next year, and recommend anyone else to do so as well. There were some amazing talks, great discussions, and @PythonItalia did a wonderful job organizing it all. I really felt that the volunteers were there to help me and they made me feel welcome both as a speaker and attendee.

If you did attend any of my talks or my training session, and have any comments at all, please comment on this post, ping me at @fhaard, and/or mail me at fredrik (at) haard (dot) se.

Also: Kernel failure during presentation does not have to be end of the world, but seriously? The one time I dont have index cards?

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