Call for Proposals: PyCon Sweden 2014!

Written by fredrik

20 februari, 2014

That’s right, PyCon Sweden 2014 will take place in Stockholm on May 20-21, and you should be there!

Even better, you should propose a talk on anything related to Python, and/or see if your company would not like to sponsor the event – this is a chance to reach 250 developers over two days you don’t want to miss.

This event will be the first national Python conference in Sweden – a country that has hosted two Europython and has vibrant user groups and meetups, but for some reason has not been able to pull together a national PyCon until now.

So join us in this exciting new endeavor, and if you’re located in Sweden and interested in Python, it’s free and as easy as filling in your name to join the Python Sverige association and get involved – we’ll have an annual meeting in conjunction with PyCon Sweden, and we’ll need voulenteers for the conference.

Let’s make this awesome!

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