BitSyncHub Open Sourced

Written by fredrik

13 januari, 2016

A while back, I opened (as in ’made available’) BitSyncHub, a tool to automatically synchronize Bitbucket repositories to Github. At the time I saw no real reason to open source it – it was a quick hack to solve my own problems, and I felt that anyone else could just reproduce it if they wanted to.

Since then, a whole lot of open source projects, including a few big names, has started using the service, and when I had to reply to a recent support request from one of these projects that I did not have time to look into their issue due to daytime work, I realized that some projects are now depending on the service staying up and working. So, in an effort to make sure that someone else can take over if I get hit by a bus, I’m opening the source – ugly as it is – for anyone to use, and an issue tracker at the BitBucket repo.

I’ve not done much (any) clean up, and this is the uncensored late-night hack I did after I lost the first version to human error. I do intend to add a proper readme, make it viable to use with separate keys, non-github synching, and some other stuff, but we’ll see when I have the time.

Speaking of time, there’s still time to send a proposal for PyCon Sweden 2016, and to sign up as a sponsor, and you really should consider doing both =)

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