It’s alive!

Written by fredrik

16 december, 2011

After almost more than four hours of grueling work, my blogging platform codenamed ”blaag” works.

I created blaag since I’ve been thinking about blogging, but didn’t like the blogging platforms I found, because they were made of bloat with a little functionality hidden deep within. I did, however, like the idea behind hgblog – especially that it’s based around generating the blog from rst using Mercurial hooks, allowing blogging from the comfort of Emacs. In the end, I decided to roll my own.

The code for blaag and the entries for this instance of blaag coexists at Bitbucket, so you can view the source code and the source for the entries themselves there.

The goals of blaag are, in order of priority:
  1. Nicer color scheme
  2. Time/Datestamp posts
  3. RSS support
  4. Add example of Mercurial hooks to repo

I guess documentation should be somewhere up top as well. Suggestions on what color scheme I should use are welcome! (assuming the Disqus integration works)

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