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Metallapan is a Swedish software consulting and product development company with focus on clean code and minimal waste. In addition to software consulting services, we provide tailored courses that focus on active learning through problem solving. Metallapan also runs two inhouse projects: logistics support systems under the Visual Units brand, and The Dog Friendly Guide with the apps bringthedog.

Previous clients include McKinsey, ASSA Abloy, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Pitney Bowes.

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A while back, I opened (as in 'made available') BitSyncHub, a tool to automatically synchronize Bitbucket repositories to Github. At the time I saw no real reason to open source it - it was a quick hack to solve my own problems, and I felt that anyone else could just...

Our Projects

Metallapan has two inhouse projects: Visual Units and The Dog Friendly Guide with the apps bringthedog. Both projects make use of interactive maps to visualize assets. Visual Units is a provider of services for professional logistics management while The Dog Friendly Guide are consumer apps for dog owners.


The largest guide to dog friendly hospitality businesses in Scandinavia with 8K regular users.

The guide helps dog owners find dog friendly restaurants, pubs, bars, cafées, accomodations and hotels, and is available in Swedish (tamedhunden) and English (bringthedog) both as a website and as an app for iOS and Android. The guide is based on curated user recommendations.

Under the brand of Visual Units, we have delivered successful logistics optimization and tracking solutions since 2005. We provide tracking and mapping services and fleet management solutions for logistics providers, manufacturing industry and municipalities. The fleet management system ”Logistic analysis”  allow the user to cut waste and utilize their mobile resources in the most efficient way.

Freelance Consulting

Metallapan provides software development on a contract basis. Fredrik’s expertise is in software development, tech leadership and building sustainable platforms, while Veronica’s competence is focused on product ownership, community management, user experience and human-computer interaction.

Fredrik Håård

Freelance Software Developer

Developer, trainer, speaker, nomad. With experience ranging from scripted manual testing of sales systems to acting as tech lead at government institutions and setting up start-up development teams from scratch, his most cherished skill is making himself redundant.


Veronica Håård

Product owner

Veronica has been developing human-centric software for over fifteen years, with a focus on applications for logistics providers and industrial manufacturing. With an uncompromising focus on delivering usable IT systems, she drives Metallapan ABs product development projects. In addition to her education in IT and human-computer interaction, she has a background in work place science and pedagogy, ensuring that she can deliver products that work for the business rather than the other way around.


Fredrik has a long experience of teaching introductionary and (very) advanced topics. At present we offer courses in the following topics:
  • Python for Developers
  • Advanced Python
  • Python for Data Scientists
  • Data Science Devops

Together with Northern Test Consulting, we can also offer Python for Testers and Devops for Testers, focused on providing those in test and QA roles the skills to automate and tests using Python, or the option to expand into operations and automation themselves.


Don’t forget to check out Fredrik Håård’s blog about software development and freelancing.

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Metallapan AB, Järavägen 6, 371 50 Karlskrona, Sweden