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Fredrik Håård: developer, trainer, speaker and the owner of Metallapan AB.

I run a blog at, my twitter handle is @fhaard, and some of my talks and tutorials are available on YouTube.


Python, workshops, Javascript, clusters, distributed systems, multiagent systems, Git, mentoring, C, Java, GIS, database design, coaching, system integration, web front, Linux, Mercurial, application servers, systems design, developer infrastructure, embedded, courses, automation, Python 3 migration, backend


"Fredrik is one of those few developers that excel at both being an extremely strong developer and at the same time having very strong social skills. He is very active in the Python community and stands in high regard by his peers, and he is also a very appreciated conference speaker in the subject as well. I have enjoyed working with Fredrik over periods of times in the same company and would gladly and without hesitation be happy to work with him on any day"

Kristoffer Nordström
Owner and founder of Northern Test Consulting AB

Fredrik is a skilled and focused developer who takes great responsibility for the end result. He contributes a lot to his team, both socially and competence wise. Fredrik has a way of getting things done. He always strive for getting results in an efficient manner.

Thomas Letterkrantz
Project Manager at Softhouse

"Even though I have worked with Python there were a lot of new things for me." - "Fredrik was very well prepared, and the koan-style excercises were great!" - "You're so awesome... and if you had any longer hair, I would marry you!" - "Awesome course, it would have taken for ever to learn this on my own - I learned a lot in a very short time."

Anonymous feedback for courses/workshops


You can see my open source code at bitbucket and github.

I have worked with charging systems at Ericsson, web portals at Telenor, project infrastructure at both of the aforementioned, custom Bussiness Intelligence tools for Ericsson Local Services, written an entire full-stack fleet management solution from the ground up at Visual Units.

I've also created web-shop backends, held courses in Git, Mercurial, Python and SciPy, implemented responsive design, migrated 50+ developers and their tools from CVS to Mercurial, and spoken and held tutorials at EuroPython, Software Passion Summit, PyCon IE, PyCon UK, and DevCon.


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